How Far Would You Go For Good?

15% of children go to bed hungry every single night. For as little as R100 you can help feed the leaders, fighters and innovators of tomorrow.

Good Closes The Gap.

The first three years of life are critical to a child’s mental development. For as little as R100, you’re doing more than feeding a young mind, you’re closing the gaps in our society.

Feed Smart Grow Smart.

Feeding a child good nutritious food in their first 1000 days can increase their IQ by up to 13 points. For as little as R100, you’re giving them a better chance at a better life.
meals on average served to date.

What We Do

We believe that nourishment forms the foundation of a better life. Through nutritional intervention initiatives such as fortified and enriched food products, communal kitchens and learnership programmes, we aim to mobilise food solutions. Our goal is to fight malnutrition and hunger by breaking the poverty cycle.
Because where good goes, good grows.

Our Offerings

  • Nutritional Products
  • Kitchens
  • Activity Grounds
  • Learnership Programme

Fortified Nutritional Products

Every product has been scientifically formulated by one of South Africa’s foremost food scientists. Innovative and easy to use. Just adding clean water to our fortified products turns them into a meal that provides the nutrients and vitamins needed to grow healthy minds, strong bodies and build robust immune systems.

Community Kitchens

Not only do our kitchens provide a clean space to prepare and serve communities, but every one is equipped with a library; offering a quiet space to read, work and learn. Every mobile kitchen is solar powered and provides clean water through a water purification system.

Activity Grounds

Nurturing healthy communities is also about a good, energised life. Which is why we’ve developed Community Activity Grounds where families and members of the community can meet, play and share in the great outdoors together.

Learnership Programme

Growing the community through learning. We want the community to grow with us through support, training and mentoring. We are especially passionate about agripreneurship and nutrition.

About Us

  • Growing Good
  • Innovation
  • Intervention

Where Good Goes
Good Grows.

We believe that good food is the start of a better life for all. Which is why we’re a distributor and manufacturer of fortified, nutritional products for vulnerable children and families who simply don’t have access to good food or are living in places where good food is difficult to reach. Good drives everything we do. Our single goal is to create a brighter future for everyone in South Africa through nutritional intervention and innovation. From what we do to how we do it, we make sure good grows long after we’re gone.


We don’t believe in feeding the problem, we’re after growing solutions. Which is why we do everything together with our communities. Like our name, Holanathi – Grow with Us, we believe that we can do far more together, alongside each other. We do good by following principles of upliftment, empowerment, nutrition and community transformation.


We’re all about finding the best way to bring good to all people. From how we deliver to what we deliver, our offering is simple, holistic and designed to grow thriving communities.

More Than Just A Good Meal

Economic Development

We support local trade in order to achieve sustainable transformation and economic empowerment.

Key Commitments

We support national nutritional agendas and are aligned with the key development goals of the UN.

Transition Enterprise

We are a financially viable, for-profit trading entity that delivers significant social and economic benefits.

Multiple Touchpoints

We provide more than access to nutrition; our offerings include community kitchens and educational programmes.

Shared Vision

Through practical partnerships we create greater access to markets for local suppliers.

Turnkey Solution

Our goal is to provide viable, long-term solutions to malnutrition by educating, sourcing and distributing locally.

Meet The Team

Gina Athanassiou

Founder and CEO

As an entrepreneur and recognised humanitarian, Gina is passionate about sustainable solutions that better and empower communities. She makes use of every opportunity her worldwide network can offer to uplift women and children across Africa.

Doris Molefe

Team member

Doris has dedicated her life to helping disadvantaged children across South Africa. With an honorary PHD in Social Development, she has changed the lives of a countless number of families and communities. A loving mother to all, Doris feeds over 1000 kids every day in more ways than one.

Relebohile Mohlabane

Team member

Relebohile holds a BA (Hons) in Labour and Economic Sociology and a BA Degree in Organisational Psychology and Sociology with a special interest in labour relations. Relebohile is deeply determined and driven to make a difference in the lives of low-income earners.

B-BBEE Status

We support broad based black economic empowerment initiatives, taking every opportunity to promote and uplift local economies. We’re proudly 51% black owned with a Level 2 B-BBEE status.